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The Irish are the biggest Facebook users in English-speaking world. More than 2.5 million people in Ireland use Facebook every month connect with what matters to them. Reach all the right people with Facebook Advertising that matter to your business.


SEO for Business this day is essential. Get your business found online, increase search ranking, boost traffic to a website, attract more customers that matters to your business, get results by increasing conversions with our Website SEO services.


Responsive Web design and loading speed is very important for Google. The user takes just a few moments to choose whether they are going to keep browsing your site or not. You are speaking with clients through your site. If you fail to communicate, you lose a customer and an income as well.



Only pay when they click to visit your website or call. Attract more customers to your business with Google AdWords, bring in new website visitors, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or keep customers coming back for more, with our PPC Management services.

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Let us help get more traffic to your business website and get more leads out of them.

When it comes to advertising online today, it can be a tough market to get out there and gain more traction to your business that is where we come in! At NK Advertising, we offer you a variety of services such as Facebook advertising, PPC services for Google Adwords, SEO services as well as responsive web design.

When looking around online we have come to realize that there are many amateurs out there that not only charge outrageous prices, but the quality of the services is very lacking and we would help to improve on that and offer you great quality work at affordable cost to you.

Why go with someone new when it comes to advertising online, when you can choose a company that has been offering quality work for over three years in the market. No matter the type, whether its Facebook advertising, Google Adwords, website SEO or web design, you are definitely safe working with us!

No matter how big or small you are as a company or an individual. We will help and work with you, offering the best pricing for our many choices of services and willing answer any questions you have throughout the whole process with ease through our contact form, email, and phone. We will get back to you in a very short period and be glad to help you with any questions or concerns about the services we offer here at NK Advertising.

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